7 Artists Who Illustrate Love

Explore the representation of love through these 7 artists.

Illustration is not just drawing, it is a way to express your feelings giving it a personal touch. It serves to say without speaking, to bring out what we find difficult to tell with words and to connect with other people who see life in the same way.

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, we wanted to compile 7 Instagram accounts of illustrators who dedicate a space to love, in all its phases.

7 Artists Who Illustrate Love 3

With white, black, and red as the main colors, Sara Herranz puts women as the protagonists of her illustrations, showing us moments of everyday life with which we can feel totally identified. Among them, of course, is a space for love and also the lack of love.

7 Artists Who Illustrate Love 6

Castle McQuade uses characters from the world of film and television to turn them into the most loving cards and stickers. The curious thing is that he chooses figures that, at first glance, are not the most typical representation of love, such as Severus Snape, The Dog from Game of Thrones, or the clown from IT.

7 Artists Who Illustrate Love 9

The Korean Lee Kyu Young reflects in his illustrations the everyday situations of a couple, in this case, heterosexual, but with which you will connect whatever type of relationship you have. Simple details of love life that will bring a smile to your face.

7 Artists Who Illustrate Love 12

Pascal Campionart has been drawing all his life and it shows in the quality of his illustrations, in which we can see love in many forms: to the couple, to children, to cats, and, of course, self-love.

7 Artists Who Illustrate Love 15

Among all of Chiara Bautista's work stands out the figure of what seems to be her muse, a very white woman, with long hair and wearing only a rabbit mask on her head, always accompanied by her great love, her wolf.

7 Artists Who Illustrate Love 18

All you have to do is enter Puuung's Instagram and tenderness invades our hearts. His protagonists are a couple of men and a woman who are loved just by looking at them. Puuung's illustrations are full of love, both in the good moments of life and in the bad ones.

7 Artists Who Illustrate Love 21

Zipcy shows through her illustrations the love of a couple, but also the importance of the love of friends. Zipcy's work mixes classic Korean style with modern life situations all with a lot of sensuality.

Would you like to learn how to express your feelings through drawings? Take a look at our Illustration Courses, for all tastes and levels.

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