Bianca Schaub

Bianca Schaub


Barcelona, Spain

Bianca Schaub

I am a hardworking and passionate architect with almost three years’ experience working on a range of projects from luxury urban and beach houses, university extensions, office buildings, renovations and interior design. Having worked at a small, award-winning firm focusing on thoughtful detailing, client-specific design and contextual response, I was given the opportunity to learn quickly and engage in many aspects of the profession. Work included drafting and coordination of projects, from sketch design phase to Local Authority submissions, detail design development, presentation drawings, construction drawings and site inspection.

Having dual Swiss and South African citizenship has allowed me the opportunity to move to Europe to work and live and I am committed to building a career and home for myself here. With English as my native language and with a talent at writing and editing, I believe I would be an asset to any international firm. I am currently learning Spanish (level B1/B2) and am able to communicate in the language gaining fluency with practice.

In conjunction with excellent technical and computer skills, I am also skilled and fast at free-hand sketching, physical model-making and Photoshop and InDesign presentations and layout design. I have advanced knowledge of AutoCAD, Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop and InDesign and have worked with Revit and other graphic communication programs, learning quickly. I am highly organised and enjoy implementing office systems which, for me, is an essential aspect and contributor to the efficiency and accuracy of a job.

I am committed to finding a job as an architect in a company that fosters thoughtful design and detailing of small and large scale projects. I am looking to find a position that allows me to utilise my skills and grow in the industry.

I am open to work of all kinds, be it part-time, temporary or permanent and have a laptop with all relevant programs, allowing me to work remotely.


- An interest in the positive influence of space on society
- A concern for the design of public space and the in-between in relation to buildings
- An interest in detail development as well as structural design and tectonics
- A fascination with ergonomics and the inventive re-design of small spaces
- An interest in architectural projects involving community development and empowerment
- An interest in contextual response and client-specific design

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