Betina Nilsson

Betina Nilsson

Diseñadora Gráfica/ Directora de Arte

Porto Alegre, Brazil

Betina Nilsson

A person who loves art, ideas and other people and that has chosen design and advertising as an alternative to stay closer to the three.

Graduated in Advertising by PUCRS, has already worked with book sales, executive film production, graphic production in advertising, art direction and design for many agencies, like TBWA Vietnam, DM9 Sul, W3haus, Escala DDP and DCS Communications.

Now a days, she works as a freelancer in design and art direction in her city, Porto Alegre - RS - Brasil, but she is open to other opportunities, specially the ones where she can improve her spanish. She has already lived and worked in Vietnam and learned a lot from this experience.

It is also the band's guitarist of a band called Panties Rock, and loves to join social work projects. Specially the ones related to education and entrepreneurship.

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