Arturo hernández

Arturo hernández

Director de Arte // Diseño Gráfico // Diseño Web

Madrid, Spain

Arturo hernández

I'm Arturo Hernández, a freelance visual communicator. For more than 10 years I have specialized in the creation and management of visual identities for clients of different origins and disciplines.

My job is to capture the essence of each organization, understand and evaluate their needs and find appropriate solutions to their objectives; because each project and each situation are unique.

I believe in the strength of a good concept to find accurate, coherent and prolonged results. I think that taking care of small details makes a difference. I think that form and content must go hand in hand. I believe in the art of simplicity.

My goal is to create value for the client, integrating strategy and design. Building and managing a truthful, solid and stable identity is essential for the relationship of a brand with its users; and constitutes an efficient asset as a sales tool and differentiation of the competitors.

Think. Solve. Enjoy.