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Nicola Corvasce


Valencia, Spain

Nicola Corvasce


My name is Nicola Corvasce, Architect graduated in Pescara University (Italy) in the 2009 with a final project in building regeneration called “the INA home in the district of Barletta, the recovery of the lost identity” (110/110).
The aims of the project are the recovery of the urbanization and construction’s values , in the district of the ‘70s that we have lost over time.

Themes that I have dealt with in the Master’s degree, in Collective Housing, Madrid, []; It’s a postgraduate professional program of advanced architecture design an important experience combining teachers of international prestige and participants from different countries where we addressed different project issues such as housing, retail, office and mix use in the small and large scale, as well as urban planning.
It’s structured in Workshops, organized by International Architects (Edzo Bindels, Hrvoje Njiric, Juan Herreros, Anne Lacatone, Dietmar Eberle, Andrea Deplazes…) and in Specialties (Energy & Sustainability, Low-cost Housing, Residential Urban Design, Sociology, Economy and Politics, Construction & Technology..);
It’s an important educational and professional experience that it’s in continuous spirit of competition/ participation with other architects of different countries, in a multicultural environment, I have acquired flexibility, adaptation, organization, interpersonal skills... the important qualities to work with in constant contact with other professionals, as a team.

Concepts that I always apply in the workplace, from Design Competitions to my recent jobs in collaboration with:
Arch. Mauro Saito in Bari []
collaborating on projects of public park,design … competitions
collaborating as assistance in the final drawings for:
Regeneration Square, Municipal Garden and University Camp
Arch.Francesco del Conte a Bisceglie (bt) [ ]
collaborating on projects of a country house (from Project Idea to Final Drawings)
Studio Pedone Working a Bisceglie (bt) [ ]
collaborating on projects of School Restiling and Market Square (Project Idea)

during in which I worked on various themes, from large to small scale…from concept to detail as well as in Design Competition, my recent one has been Selected by 2013.Europan Jury
Europan 12 _ “from mono-large to multi mix” _ Stay Urban Stay Green _
urban strategies and master plan for new sustainable neighborhood in Marly (CH)

At the same time I participate as a member of the Professional Association of Architects, in particular “Environmental Planning and Sustainability” where I continue to grow professionally and keep up to date on various topics, as well as satisfy my hunger for knowledge.

All of these educational and professional experiences perceived as new challenges and as opportunities for professional growth and also as continuing research of the most varied architecture themes (from collaborations in competition to real projects)

In the interim, thank you for your consideration, attention, and forthcoming response.

Best Regards
Arch.Nicola Corvasce

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