Avi Ben Shoshan
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Avi Ben Shoshan

Multidisciplinary Designer

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Avi Ben Shoshan

ABS Objects is a design, art direction and ceramic studio founded in 2018 in Tel Aviv by Avi Ben Shoshan.
In our studio we produce our objects collections focusing on creating sustainable and timeless products. We produce all of our ceramics & materials, paint and glaze each object from start to finish. All of our objects are hand made, which makes each one of them unique and slightly different. We love the natural inconsistencies of the ceramic process. The studio works on different projects during the everyday production of our collection. We have a large variety of projects from personal design for customers to collaborations ’ capsule collections, exhibitions and more.
The visual language of ABS Objects refers to nature, organic shapes, the middle eastern colors and materials. Our inspiration comes from history, archeology, art and design history and cultural methods of craft and traditions. We are interested in the relationships between human and object, as we try to reflect those relations on our collections, we aim to create sensitive and soft forms objects that we can find ourselves living with them for a long time. All ABS Objects are produced in a traditional artisan way and all are hand made in Tel Aviv by Avi Ben Shoshan.
Avi Ben Shoshan is a Tel Aviv based designer and maker, bachelor of the Industrial Design department of Shenkar college of art design and engineering. Specializing with a variety of materials in a studio located in Tel Aviv, Israel.


  • Designing a Ceramic Collection: The Slip Casting Technique

    Make your own ceramic collection by creating simple yet adaptable molds for unique shapes using slip casting, coloring techniques, and design thinking

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