2Coders Studio, S.L.

2Coders Studio, S.L.

Las Palmas, Spanien

2Coders Studio, S.L.

2Coders was founded by David and Dailos in 2013. We'd been working on projects together for over a year but early in 2013 we decided it was time to join forces and offer our skills as a united package. Since then our growth has been unprecedented and we now have several specialists in our team, from our excellent new art director to our dedicated project manager and of course our great specialist ios coders.

We all love our work and love going the extra mile to create really spectacular ios apps.

Our philosophy is based on the agile methodology for development. We involve our customers in the full product creation process, from concept to launch, this way they feel part of the work and have us create exactly what they want.

To achieve that objective we define short term goals and test them with the customer throughout the process. This methodology makes sure we are always working on the right path and can complete the project in the shortest time frame.



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