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Julien Gachadoat

Burdeos, France

Julien Gachadoat

Julien Gachadoat has been exploring generative drawing for many years, creating unique art with algorithms. He works with the emergence of abstract form, combining monochrome, geometric shapes, playing with repetition and using random operations to generate an element of surprise.

Developing his own tools of creation based on simple graphic rules, Julien Gachadoat uses the computer - “this unique performer” (Vera Molnar) - to explore the formal possibilities that ensue. It is through the process of printing these unique pieces, using a plotter, that he creates a link between text and code.
“To leave a unique mark, aesthetically palpable, that is not in defiance, but rather in aid of the digital.” This is the philosophy of the artist from Bordeaux, who has developed an international following through social media. He brings together on paper the computer and the pencil, the rigour of code and the poetry of art.

He has been exhibiting his work in Bordeaux (Galerie Métavilla) in Paris (Galerie Binôme), in Bayonne (DIDAM, Contemporary Art Space), in Berlin and in Venezia (Biennale).

Constantly looking to work with others and in new ways, he has also done a series of silkscreen prints with the Atelier SereJoint in Rochelle as well as drawings with an industrial robot in collaboration with studio AATB Marseille.

In 2021 he started work in the field of crypto-art, with the desire for make moving images as well as a means to experiment, explore new areas and promote his unique works. In May 2021, he is selected by the platform ArtBlocks, presenting his first project with them in July of the same year. His work was exhibited in November 2021 at the online Feral File —GRAPH exhibition curated by Casey Reas.

Julien grew up in the 90s with the avant garde demo-scene, making visuals with code. Ever since, programming languages have been his creative tool. He was the co-founder of the interactive digital art studio 2Roqs with Michaël Zancan, working on numerous interactive installations. He has been teaching « creative coding » for more than 15 years in schools in France and abroad.


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