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Urban Anna

Making the mundane magical!

Heerenveen, Países Baixos

Urban Anna

Hi! I'm Astrid, also known as Urban Anna, born in 1969 in the Netherlands. I'm a self-taught artist who started creating illustrations with watercolor and pen in 2020. My work is all about capturing the beauty of worldly architecture, and making the mundane magical!

You might have stumbled upon my coloring books "Urban Coloring" and "From Paris with Love", and if you like, check out my online course here on Domestika, where I'll share all my secrets and unique style and techniques. And hey, if you're one of my over 30k Instagram followers, thank you! It's incredible to have such a global audience appreciating my work. From charming pubs to vibrant storefronts and other colorful facades, my illustrations aim to give you a fresh perspective on the world around us.

Here you can find me on Instagram and Facebook: @UrbanAnna20

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