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Istambul, Turquia

Leartes Studios

Hi all , We are Oguzhan Kar and Serdar Urkmez . We are founders of Leartes Studios and Environment Artists with 6 years of professional experience. We have previously collaborated with companies like Microsoft, Adobe, Marvel, Netease, and more for different projects. My main profession is creating Gameready Environments and Artworks using such softwares as Maya, Substance Painter, Unreal Engine, and Photoshop. In that account, We will give you courses about our profession and sometimes collaborate with our friends to give you various and high-quality content in my courses/tutorials.

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  • Design de videogames com Unreal Engine: cenário cyberpunk

    Crie em tempo real um ambiente cyberpunk para videogame e aprenda a usar ferramentas para design de atmosferas, níveis, iluminação e animações

    Um curso de Leartes Studios, Estúdio de design de ambientes para videogames



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