Annika McSeveny (Antika)
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Annika McSeveny (Antika)

Picture Framer and Artist

Londres, Reino Unido

Annika McSeveny (Antika)

Hi! I'm Annika, founder of Antika Picture Framing, based in London, UK.

I make bespoke frames for all kinds of artworks and interesting objects. I often work directly with the artist to complete their vision and final presentation of their work. I also create frames for individual clients who want to decorate their homes in their own taste and style. I am a Certified Framer with the Fine Art Trade Guild, and am continually learning about new techniques in the field of conservation framing. I love creating extra-special finishes for frames, including gilding, gessoing, distressing, and selecting bespoke colour combinations to suit each work that comes into my studio.

I love to paint watercolours and gild and reverse paint on glass, so often frame my own work.

I believe in the power of art to transform a space - no matter how cheap or expensive it is. There is nothing more bleak than a completely blank and unadorned wall. When I was an art student and my budget was tight, I was creating loads of paintings and collecting inspirational images to decorate my home. I wish I had known then how easy it would be to create my own frames to display things in a more preservation-minded and professional way, so now I do hope to spread some knowledge on the basics of framing to others.

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