Nasima Alam
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Nasima Alam

Primary Teacher & Bespoke Cake Artist

Wellingborough, Reino Unido

Nasima Alam

My name is Nasima Alam. I am a primary school teacher, turned self taught cake artist, specialising in bespoke wedding cake designs. My cake journey was a very unexpected one, which began in 2015 by pure accident. I’ve always been into art and pursued this up to University level. My artistic interests were also evident in my home interior and design, when I dabbled in property developing. It took a different direction when I began to implement this into cake decorating.

I’ve always enjoyed baking but to be able to take this to an artistic level was very much up my street. I began teaching myself new skills and techniques through watching lots of YouTube videos and before I knew it, by 2016 Sweet Drops of Heaven was established as a viable registered business. I teach cake decorating classes, have my own cake stencil designs and also created a cake decorating product called Sweet Flakes of Heaven. I’ve been fortunate enough to collaborate with large businesses such as Daniel Wellington and have been featured in many industry cake magazines, such as Satin Ice, Cake Masters, Cake Decoration & Sugar Craft.

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