Butter Blossoms (KWUN)
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Butter Blossoms (KWUN)

Bangkok, Tailandia

Butter Blossoms (KWUN)

I am Kwun, a cake artist from Thailand and I teach cake decoration.
You may know me from Butter & Blossoms on social media.
My specific art is Sculpture Painting Flowers with buttercream and chocolate cream.
Sculpture Painting using pallet knives is my signature technique, since 2017. I have taught overseas in more than 15 Countries. My base studio in Bangkok, Thailand also provides workshops for students overseas.

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  • Cake design: flores de crema de mantequilla con espátula

    Aprende a elaborar preciosas flores de crema de mantequilla con la simple ayuda de una espátula y crea un delicioso ramo en un pastel

    Un curso de Butter Blossoms (KWUN), Artista de pasteles

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