Cécile Berrubé
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Cécile Berrubé

Scotland, Reino Unido

Cécile Berrubé

Hi! My name is Cécile Berrubé and I’m a french illustrator/painter based in Scotland. When I’m not in my little studio I like going for walks in the woods or the hills and take pictures of birds and plants. I’m deeply inspired by Nature and cosy moments of simple life. I mostly work with gouache but I also enjoy experimenting with pencils and watercolour. I always carry a little sketchbook with me!
My main source of inspiration are animals, I love making character study pages and drawing them with different postures and expressions.

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  • Gouache: pinta mundos naturales imaginarios

    Captura la magia de la naturaleza con gouache y pinta mundos fantásticos repletos de animales adorables

    Un curso de Cécile Berrubé, Pintora e ilustradora

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