Louise Lockhart
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Louise Lockhart

Todmorden, Reino Unido

Louise Lockhart

Louise Lockhart lives in an old cotton mill in the countryside in England, where she spends her days cutting shapes from paper, creating patterns and pictures. She takes inspiration from folk art, vintage print ephemera and the every day world around her. She likes to use a bold colour palette, making her work instantly recognisable and eye-catching. She works as a freelance illustrator, working on children's books and designs for clients such as Anthropologie, Boden, Heal's and Blue Q.

Louise also applies her illustrations to products for you and your home, which she sells in her online shop The Printed Peanut. The Printed Peanut began in 2012 whilst Louise was working in a stationery shop in Vancouver, Canada. It was there that she first realised she wanted to apply her illustrations to products to sell. It has grown to become a thriving business and has created a way for Louise to work as an artist with a more steady income. She has printed her designs on everything from socks to soap and has a dedicated following of fans, as can be seen on her instagram account @theprintedpeanut.

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