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FRODEV - Frontend Developer (Javascript, especially AngularJS)


Barcelona, Spain

This position is for an experienced Frontend Developer with 3-4 years experience minimum, specialising in Javascript, with experience of UX/UI practices, and working on high-traffic websites.

You should be a self-starter who strives to exceed brief expectations, on time (or before, we’re cool with that), every time. Someone whom likes a challenge, and as a team player will bring additional skills to help us all learn and grow.

There is going to be a loooot of work to do in 2015, so this is definitely only a position for someone whom knows they can hit the ground running and is passionate about their chosen career.

We’re looking for you, so please help us by adding in your cover letter any work or experience you think sets you apart from other candidates.

Minimum requeriments:
- ¡¡¡PORTFOLIO!!! With definitive examples of visuals and code
- Extremely competent with Javascript, specifically AngularJS is desired
- Pixel perfect… Seriously.
- Master of CSS, LESS, HTML, and PHP
- Day-to-day experience working with Git and/or other versioning systems
- Has worked in a development framework like Scrum etc
- Web standards compliant
- Experience cross-browser testing their work
- Experience working with mock-ups and realising them in code
- Professional level English

You will definitely be asked to interview if you can show you:
- Are visually minded, considering UX/UI as priorities in design and functionality when undertaking anything
- Are clean and proficient with your code, always looking to improve and refine your work
- Have experience for AAA brands and/or advertising agencies is a big bonus
- Have a portfolio includes examples of having worked on high-traffic sites
- Have worked with a framework like symfony (please list each/any and be honest about your ability in them)

Thanks for taking the time to read through this, we’re excited to hear from you! Good luck!


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FRODEV - Frontend Developer (Javascript, especially AngularJS)
Barcelona, Spain
27.000 - 33.000