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Introduction to 3D Design and Printing

A course by Agustín Arroyo
Designer and maker. Madrid, Spain.
Joined July 2019
, Designer and maker

Learn the step-by-step process of 3D design, modeling, and printing and give shape to your ideas

  • Best Seller Spanish with subtitles in English
  • 97% Positive reviews (608)
  • 15171 students
Introduction to 3D Design and Printing

Learn the step-by-step process of 3D design, modeling, and printing and give shape to your ideas

Spanish with subtitles in English
  • 97% Positive reviews (608)
  • 15171 students
  • Online and at your own pace
  • Audio: Spanish
  • Level: Beginner
  • 19 Lessons (3h 9m)
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It has been a while since printing broke free from the confines of paper and moved to the third dimension. We’ve gone from only printing documents and photos to printing tools, furniture, and whatever else our imagination comes up with. In this Domestika course, learn the basics to get started in the world of 3D printing with Agustín "Flowalistik" Arroyo, designer and teacher specialized in 3D printing.

Discover the process of 3D design and printing, from the initial idea to the finished product. All you need is access to a computer and a few simple tools.

About this course

Course table of contents

  • U1
    U1. Introduction
  • U2
    U2. Preparing the tools
  • U3
    U3. 3D printing modeling I
  • U4
    U4. 3D printing oriented modeling
  • FP
    FP Final Project
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Start off by getting to know Augustin, who explains how he transitioned from graphic design to 3D modeling and printing. He will also talk about his professional career so far and his most important references.

Next, he explains how a 3D printer works and his recommended modeling software for those who aren’t familiar with the process. Agustín teaches you essential tricks to work on models that are easily manufactured using 3D printing.

Once the basic rules have been covered, start creating your own designs. First, learn how to model and optimize the shapes you’ve created, by adapting them to 3D printing, then prepare the files and feed the information to a 3D printer, with specifics on what you want to make and how to do it.

Then, learn how to set up a 3D printer, understand its operating system, and learn how to choose the material with which to manufacture the parts (in this course, you will learn to print with PLA material on a 3D filament printer).

Finally, Agustín leads you through the final project, in which you create an object that will help you on a daily basis, putting into practice everything you learned in the course.

What is this course's project?

Combining creativity and functionality, design and print a 3D object that helps you in your daily life.

Projects by course students

Who is it for?

Anyone interested in the world of 3D printing, as well as animators, designers, architects, or 3D enthusiasts with basic knowledge, who want to turn their creations into physical objects.

What you need

It is not necessary to have any previous knowledge of 3D modeling or printing, as Agustín explains the whole process for those who are new to it.

Regarding materials, you will need a computer with Autodesk Fusion 360 and Ultimaker Cura installed. In addition, you will need to have PLA material and access to an FDM-type 3D printer (filament), or use an external 3D printing service.


15171 Students
608 Reviews
97% Positive ratings
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Agustín Arroyo

A course by Agustín Arroyo

Designer and maker

Agustín Arroyo, better known as Flowalistik in the maker space, is a product designer and teacher currently living in Madrid (Spain). His passion for creating objects started at a young age while building with LEGO. Today he uses a computer and a 3D printer.

He's been devoted to digital manufacturing since 2013 and his work is marked by minimalist shapes, attention to detail, and above all, functionality. Agustín has collaborated with companies such as Ultimaker, BCN3D, and Prusa Printers, creating products, promotional collections, and new designs. Most of his designs can be downloaded for free, so anyone with access to a 3D printer can make them.


  • U1


    • Presentation
    • Influences
    • What will we do in the course
  • U2

    Preparing the tools

    • What is 3D printing?
    • Parts of a 3D printer
    • Introduction to Autodesk Fusion 360
    • Ultimaker Cura
  • U3

    3D printing modeling I

    • Basic operations in Fusion 360
    • Basic modifiers in Fusion 360
    • Basic modifiers in Fusion 360 II
    • Commissioning and maintenance
    • Ultimaker Cura: preparing files
  • U4

    3D printing oriented modeling

    • Fusion 360 - Intermediate operations
    • Fusion 360 - Sketches I
    • Fusion 360 - Sketches II
    • Usual problems
    • Print profiles in Cura I
    • Print profiles in Cura II
    • Maker Community
  • FP

    Final Project

    • Introduction to 3D Design and Printing

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Introduction to 3D Design and Printing. A Design course by Agustín Arroyo Best Seller

Introduction to 3D Design and Printing

A course by Agustín Arroyo
Designer and maker. Madrid, Spain.
Joined July 2019
  • 97% Positive reviews (608)
  • 15171 students