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Introduction to Percussion: Discover the Magic of Rhythm

A course by Carlinhos Brown
Singer, Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist, and Teacher. Bahía, Brazil.
Joined October 2020
, Singer, Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist, and Teacher

Discover your inner percussionist and learn to create new rhythms with Brazilian music icon Carlinhos Brown

  • Best Seller Portuguese with subtitles in English
  • 1165 students
Introduction to Percussion: Discover the Magic of Rhythm

Discover your inner percussionist and learn to create new rhythms with Brazilian music icon Carlinhos Brown

Portuguese with subtitles in English
  • Available from May 10, 2021
  • 1165 students
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  • Level: Beginner
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Percussion allows us to communicate through rhythms inspired by the human body and nature. This musical interaction is how singer, composer, multi-instrument musician, and Brazilian music icon Carlinhos Brown expresses himself and preserves his roots. As a Grammy award-winning artist and Oscar nominee, he knows that to find your inner rhythm, "you need only open your ears and your heart."

In this course, join Carlinhos Brown on a musical journey to discover the magic of rhythm. Take a trip through the history of percussion to discover different instruments, learn techniques and exercises from Carlinhos himself, and create your own rhythmic cell. Get ready for an adventure and explore your inner percussionist.

About this course

Course table of contents

  • U1
    U1. Introduction
  • U2
    U2. Where did the rhythm come from?
  • U3
    U3. Learning percussion in practice
  • U4
    U4. Working the rhythmic cell
  • FP
    FP Final Project
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Start this experience by getting to know Carlinhos Brown, who tells you about how he became a Brazilian music icon whose name is known around the world. He introduces you to other artists who have influenced his work throughout his career, including Jorge Ben, Luiz Gonzaga, Chano Pozo, and Gilberto Gil, and explains the course's final project.

Next, understand why percussion is a language of its own that has the power to speak without words. Take a trip through the past and immerse yourself in this universal language by exploring different rhythms and ancient instruments, most notably the berimbau, which is considered the first known guitar.

Then, Carlinhos shares his secrets for creating your own rhythmic cell. Learn how to extract the musical qualities of each instrument and other unexpected objects using your hands and improvisation techniques. Take a look at all the instruments his group Timbalada uses and learn how to correctly play each one. Then, approach these instruments from a different angle and use your creativity to make all types of sounds.

Finally, work on your signature rhythmic cell by experimenting with different arrangements until you find your rhythm. Then record and edit it. Go from music lover to music maker and create your own rhythms like a true percussionist.

What is this course's project?

Compose a rhythmic cell—the smallest indivisible unit of music—and create your own rhythm.

Who is it for?

All music lovers who want to broaden their musical abilities and explore the art and magic of percussion and rhythm.

What you need

No prior knowledge of music theory, rhythm, or percussion is necessary to take this course; Carlinhos will guide you through every step of the process.

Carlinhos Brown

A course by Carlinhos Brown

Singer, Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist, and Teacher

Carlinhos Brown is a mainstay of Brazilian music and culture. He is the founder of the musical group Timbalada, one of the creators of the axé music genre, and has won several Latin Grammy Awards for his music with the Tribalistas and as Carlinhos Brown é Carlito Marrón. He also earned an Oscar nomination for Best Original Song for Real in Rio, from the movie Rio, and is currently one of the judges on The Voice Brasil.

In addition to being a successful musician, Carlinhos was the first Brazilian to earn the title of Ibero-American Ambassador for Culture, a position that focuses on cultural activism by helping underprivileged communities and promoting Brazilian music.

In 2020, he launched three new albums: Axé Inventions - Àjààlà, Umbalista, and Paxuá e Paramim em: A floresta dos rios voadores. In his latest projects, Carlinhos is focusing on new compositions, including music for the soundtrack for Cura by choreographer Deborah Colker.


  • U1


    • Presentation
    • Influences
  • U2

    Where did the rhythm come from?

    • The power of percussive communication
    • Ancestrality and orality
    • The berimbau
    • Variety of Percussion Instruments
  • U3

    Learning percussion in practice

    • The essence of improvisation
    • Basic hand techniques
    • Timbalada rhythms and instruments
    • The power of adapting instruments
  • U4

    Working the rhythmic cell

    • Composition vs. arrangement
    • Recording and editing: how to register your rhythm cell
  • FP

    Final Project

    • Introduction to percussion: discover the magic of rhythms

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Introduction to Percussion: Discover the Magic of Rhythm. A Technology course by Carlinhos Brown Best Seller

Introduction to Percussion: Discover the Magic of Rhythm

A course by Carlinhos Brown
Singer, Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist, and Teacher. Bahía, Brazil.
Joined October 2020
  • 1165 students