Sandra Apperloo
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Sandra Apperloo

Utrecht, Niederlande

Sandra Apperloo

My name is Sandra Apperloo and I am the potter behind The Pottery Parade. I create all my ceramics by hand from my studio located in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

I love colors and patterns. I have a weak spot for pastel shades, I like to sculpt tiny eyes, paint weird freckles and I challenge myself to try out new fun things all the time. From the biggest vase to the tiniest dish, I put love and thought in every single piece I create. Unloading my ceramics from the kiln gives me the best feeling ever. It is so great to see how the different characters turn out after the firings!

I fell in love with ceramics after being introduced by Suus & Ralph from Noot & Swart Ceramics. I have learned so, so much about clay from them and could not have walked this road without their support.

I hope you will enjoy making ceramics as much as I do!

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