Nick Eagleton

Co-founder, creative director, designer, teacher, Saboteur.

I have over twenty years experience in design and branding working on everything from landmark arts and culture projects like Shakespeare's Globe to not-for-profits like the world-changing education charity Theirworld, to the world's largest and most valuable professional services brand, Deloitte.

In 2019 I embarked on the adventure of co-founding an independent branding studio called Saboteur where we have a mission to Set Brands Free. Our team comes from all over the world and we speak ten languages in the studio, though not all at once. To break down the traditional silos of the agency world we don't have conventional job titles. We all choose what kind of Saboteur we are. Not surprisingly, I'm The Playful Saboteur.

Alongside my agency career I've spent many years of teaching creative thinking around the world, for D&AD, YCN and now Domestika. In this teaching I always try to put practical advice and experience in people's hands that they would be able to use the very next day. I've never been interested in the theory of creative thinking, only the practical tools that can make for better ideas in the real world.

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