Fernando Mostacero Serra

Fernando Mostacero Serra


San Sebastián de los Reyes, Spanien

Fernando Mostacero Serra

I'm always like arts in all their forms, my father was an oil painter, and my mther teach me tolerance abut everything.We always have and love dogs educating the in a positive way.

I start my carrear at school when I realize I prefer to darw dragons than listened to the teacher. My first job was unpaid I went to a animated cartoon study an ofer myself freely if they teach me how to animate.

Since then I got involve in diferent types of art and disciplines, also I became a rol game developer so my dragons came to life on many adventures!

In my seeks I went to many places but it was inside an Indian reservation (Pine Ridge) in South Dakota where I learn a lot, not only a new espiritual way of life and a raw reality, also a diferents ways to aproach the art and mis the cultures.

Now I worked as Creative Director for many companies or brands standing up ideas, creating concepts, games, apps or art work.


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