Laura Ewing Ferrer
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Laura Ewing Ferrer

storyboarder/character design

Madrid, Spanien

Laura Ewing Ferrer

I'm an illustrator and storyboarder who loves characters. I have had the chance to participate in short films, pilot tv shows, documentaries and kids apps. In every one of those projects I have kept on learning and to this day I find courses online to help me keep going.
I was always interested in animation but didn't have the patience to do all of the clean up. Instead I decided to go for illustration. That was fine for a while but my characters always had an animation edge. Not quite the right fit for me. I then tried the fine art route, going for the classic 19th realism but after spending two years in Florence I wasn't quite satisfied. I ended up finding the perfect combination. Character design and Storyboarding. Preproduction is all about initial concepts, it keeps changing and evolving. I felt like I could keep my characters more alive like this, full of lines and changes, so I jumped right in!

I have prepared a course packed full of all of the things I have learned along the way. Since I have a background in fine art, it has helped me learn about balance and proportions of the human body. Realizing the importance of volume. I try to put that in my work whenever I can.

Drawing is about constant learning, I pick things up all the time. We grow and develop our skills over the years. I started by doing quick doodles on the train, then got into the world of children's books and slowly developed the skills to be able to work in preproduction. It has been the slowest learning curve of my life but also the most gratifying. Creating your characters and seeing them come to life is something special.

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