Julia Nimke

Julia Nimke

Berlin, Deutschland

Julia Nimke

Hi there! I am Julia, a Berlin based photographer. I love to physically get to a place whether it’s hiking up to the basecamp of Matterhorn for Lufthansa magazine or kayaking at 4 am to document the golden sunrise during a commercial shooting. Being in the outdoors and the joy that comes with it is the main source of inspiration of my work. Telling authentic stories fitted to a brand’s narrative is her mission. My craft is trusted by international companies in the field of tourism, automotive and tech.

Being an early user of Instagram I have over 45.000 followers, who travel the world virtually through her work.

As a former Adobe Creative Resident I love to share insights of her creative process through speaking engagements. My Residency project FOLK TALES has been presented in galleries in Berlin and San Francisco.

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