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My name is Elisalex and I’m the founder of By Hand London sewing patterns. It has been my work and passion for almost a decade to create sewing patterns for people who love to dress up, stand out and become the creators of their own style, and to teach the often daunting art of fitting, encouraging and supporting our customers on their journey to making fabulous clothes that fit like a dream.

I live in London in the UK with my teenage old son and our two cats :)

At By Hand London our aesthetic philosophy is: more is always more! Our sewing patterns, and all of the supporting tutorials, hacks and sewalongs we post on our blog are a celebration of the limitlessness that learning to sew can have over your style. Even the plainest of days can be a special occasion when you choose to dress up in your handmade finest!

The beauty of learning to sew is that you will never stop learning, and you never know what tangent you might meander off on at various points in your journey! I won't ever get too comfortable in my skills, or declare myself an "expert" as I am constantly learning and improving, and the best thing about that is that I will never get bored! There will always be a new challenge waiting for me around the corner...

Learning to sew will probably change your life in ways you never expected. I always tell my students (and myself!) that perfection is never the goal, only progress. Be patient with yourself and learn at your own pace, celebrate your mistakes and "fails" for the learning curves that they are, and remember to marvel at all of your creative triumphs!

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