Free Punch Needle Pattern for Your Embroidery Projects

Textile artist Sara Luna shares a free template so you can make patterns for your embroidered portraits

Punch needle is a really popular way to create beautiful embroidery, but it can be hard to get your idea onto fabric.

Sara Luna (@saralunart) is a visual artist specializing in textile art and punch needle, whose work has been exhibited in New York and Salt Lake City. She is passionate about combining embroidery portraiture with striking color scales to create depth in her creations and bring them to life.

Visual Artist Sara Luna demonstrates how to create the perfect punch needle pattern.

In her Domestika Live, Sara Luna demonstrated how to design a punch needle pattern using a black-and-white portrait photo as a reference.

If you missed the Live, you can still watch her create her own pattern step-by-step, and try it for yourself, by clicking here. To see more of her work, you can follow Sara on Instagram.

After clicking on the button below, you will find a file in .pdf format in the Downloads folder on your computer, containing Sara Luna's Punch Needle Patterns.

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Punch Needle Patterns, by Sara Luna.pdf

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To watch other Domestika Lives, click here.

Want to learn more about the punch needle technique and how to use it to embroider expressive textile portraits of your favorite person? Check out Sara Luna’s online course Punch Needle Embroidery: From Pictures to Portraits.

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