Ariadna Martínez Rubio

Ariadna Martínez Rubio

Motion Grapher

Tarrasa, Spanien

Ariadna Martínez Rubio

Ari Shiny, Terrassa, 1994. I’ve studied Audiovisual design in ESDI, being awarded with the best academic records in my audiovisual promotion, and I’ve been specialized in Motion Graphics 2D & 3D in FX Animation Barcelona. Since 2015, I’m part of the collective Majara Studio and I’m cofounder of the CCA Corralito.

My work is defined by a measurated rationality, within geometric work and the balance between forms, passionate about the relationship of the digital world and new technologies. I have generated all kinds of projects, such as an augmented reality application, as music videos and vjing.

Feel free to contact me if you are a company or a freelance!

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