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Annie Atkins

Dublin, Irland

Annie Atkins

I'm a graphic designer in the film industry, designing graphic props and set pieces for the actors and director to work with on set. I was the lead graphic designer on Wes Anderson's Grand Budapest Hotel, and have worked on various other Wes Anderson films (Isle of Dogs, French Dispatch) as well as a couple of Spielberg pictures (Bridge of Spies, West Side Story), and numerous other films and TV shows (The Boxtrolls, Underground Railroad, Scrooge, The Alienist, The Tudors, Vikings, Penny Dreadful, etc). My specialist area is in period filmmaking, and I love making antique documents and signage for eras like Victorian London, 18th century Georgia, and mid-century New York.

I love teaching my workshop students here in Dublin how to step away from their computers and start making stuff by hand, as well as how to achieve antique looks in their graphic pieces digitally. My book "Fake Love Letters, Forged Telegrams, and Prison Escape Maps: Designing Graphic Props for Film" was published by Phaidon in 2020, and won accolades from various press as well as the following from Jeff Goldblum: “Annie makes the unreal seem hyperreal, and the real more supremely alive and utterly magical.” Which was a very nice thing to say. Thank you Jeff!

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