David Poxon

'Watercolour painting is not a race, it is a search for yourself' David Poxon
David Poxon is known the world over for the precision and craftmanship of his pure watercolour paintings. He specializes in pure watercolour, and is a Watercolour Master. His paintings can take many weeks to make with multiple layers of transparent paint each one modifying the colours beneath. He has developed special techniques h over the years to portray the illusions of texture, depth, and tonal contrast. The French biographer L Benoist described him as 'A painter architect biographer of our times'. His subject material features the overlooked, the abandoned, and discarded. The passage of time and the magical effects it creates are incorporated into David's paintings. He is a highly respected and much travelled artist and tutor . Texture and luminosity are specialities.
He is an elected member of the exclusive Royal Institute, and also the National Watercolour Society of America. He has won many awards and is frequently invited to exhibit world wide in Master watercolour exhibitions.
David Poxon is also a popular and trusted Judge for International Art Competitons. He is also the organiser of the very prestigious International Watercolour Masters Exhibitions. He is the author of 2 best selling drawing books, and his latest book is a 200 page watercolour book, Watercolour Heart & Soul which features over 100 of his award winning paintings. The book is available via Amazon or good book stores, or order signed copies on line direct from David at his web DavidPoxon.co.uk
David was born in the Industrial heartland of the UK, but now makes his home in the rural countryside of Shropshire England.

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