What is a vector graphic?

Learn the differences between bitmap and vector graphics, and discover how to use vectors in Adobe Illustrator, with Marmota vs Milky

Ever wondered why some images pixelate when you zoom? You’re probably looking at a bitmap image. On the other hand, vector graphics stay clear and well-defined even when significantly enlarged.

In this video, Carlos from illustration duo Marmota vs Milky (@marmotavsmilky), shows you the difference between bitmap images and vector graphics.

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Bitmap image

When you zoom a bitmap image, the picture loses quality and you start seeing lots of pixels, blurring and ill-defined shapes. Generally speaking, bitmap images come in .jpg, .gif and .pnj formats.

What is a vector graphic? 4
What is a vector graphic? 5

Vector graphic

When you enlarge a vector graphic, it remains clear and you can easily see the divisions between one area and the next. In short, unlike the bitmap image, a vector graphic doesn’t go ‘blurry’. The most common file extensions for vector graphics are .ai, .pdf, .eps and .svg.

What is a vector graphic? 7
What is a vector graphic? 8

Love this video? Learn more about the basic principles of vector illustration in Marmota vs Milky’s online course: Adobe Illustrator: Vector Illustration From Scratch.

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