Free Polymer Clay Color Recipes and Mixing Guide

Learn how to make a set of beautiful pastel colors for your polymer clay projects with these tips and tricks

Instagram and TikTok seem to create trends overnight, and one recent success story has been polymer clay jewelry. This clay can be sculpted and then baked, to fix the design into shape. From earrings to necklaces to pins, it’s never been easier to create your own jewelry line with the colors and patterns to suit all kinds of styles.

A self-taught accessory designer specializing in polymer clay, Rachael Skidmore is the owner and maker behind Made by Maeberry (@madebymaeberry), where she designs and makes original jewelry collections.

Widely recognized in the community as a curator of beautiful color palettes with a knack for unique patterns, in this free download, Rachael shares recipes to create her Meadow Collection palette, featuring Lavender, Sage, Peony, and Powder Blue.

Rachael takes inspiration from all aspects of her life, from her passion for vintage clothing to her love for hiking.

What's in the guide?

In addition to providing the ingredients and measurements to mix the four pastel shades, Rachael offers a list of valuable tips and tricks to achieve the best results.

For example, as different clay brands can have different consistencies, in the resource Rachael shares recommendations for those with the softest and easiest-to-mix clay quality—as well as where you can buy them.

She also offers advice on how to warm, condition, and mix your clay blocks. Whether it's by hand, using an acrylic roller, or a pasta machine, Rachael shares her favorite tools and methods to help you achieve your ideal result.

Free Polymer Clay Color Recipes and Mixing Guide 4
Made by Maeberry jewelry is known for its beautiful color palettes.

Download a free color recipes and mix guide for polymer clay

Are you ready to start making your own polymer clay designs? After clicking on the button below, you will find a PDF file in the Downloads folder on your computer containing the Polymer Clay Color Recipes and Mixing Guide, by Made by Maeberry.

The resource includes the recipes, mixing guides, and more tricks to make Lavender, Sage, Peony, and Powder Blue.

Free Polymer Clay Color Recipes and Mixing Guide 6

This download will only be available until February 8, 2022. If you want to access the material after that date, you can sign up for Rachel, Made by Maeberry’s course Polymer Clay Jewelry Design for Beginners. You can also explore all of Domestika's online craft courses here.

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