Nastia Calaca
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Nastia Calaca

Haarlem, Países Bajos

Nastia Calaca

My name is Nastia Calaca, and I’m an independent ceramic artist from Ukraine, currently living and creating in Haarlem, the Netherlands.
I have created a successful small ceramic brand, selling my works and putting smiles on people’s faces worldwide since 2016.
I consider my sculptures versatile and understandable, playful, sometimes humorous, and somehow narrative.
While I try to avoid using exact images or book illustrations as a base for my artwork, I come to them through my personal interpretations and childhood memories.
Despite the fact that I’m focused mainly on the anthropomorphic subject in my art, I do admire people and they have always been a great inspiration to me.
I have happened to develop a style and chose a theme that people around the globe find appealing and worth investing in.
My own works make me chuckle, so maybe this is the answer.
I’m telling jokes and stories in clay.

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