Sarah Pike
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Sarah Pike

Ceramic Artist

Fernie, Canadá

Sarah Pike

Sarah Pike is a full time ceramic artist who makes functional pottery in her studio on the edge of a small town in the Rocky Mountains of Canada. She specializes in slabbuilt ceramics, which means she makes pottery from soft pieces of clay that she rolls flat by hand, textures, and then forms into functional wares. She is best know for her unique textures which she achieves by carving intricate texture tools out of clay and pressing these tools into the soft slabs clay in a variety of patterns and designs. Her work is pleasure to hold as the glaze surface is satiny smooth contrasting with the tactility of the raised patterns.
Sarah has been making pottery full time for 10 years, but ceramics has been a part of her life since childhood. She has exhibited internationally and sells her work worldwide. Sarah travels the world teaching workshops. Sarah's work is featured in a number of books and magazines. Sarah is a proud member of the Canadian ceramic collective, Make and Do.

Contemporary Tableware
Ceramics: Creative Adventures in Clay
Clay & Cuisine: Techniques for the Studio, Recipes for the Kitchen
Forge & Carve
Creative Pottery
The Crafted Dish
500 Teapots

The Potter's Cast
Tales of a Red Tale Rambler
The Kiln Sitters

Solo Exhibitions:
The Charlie Cummings Gallery
Willock and Sax
The BC Gallery of Ceramics
The Art Gallery of St. Albert

Pottery Making Illustrated
Ceramics Monthly
La Revue de la Céramique et du Verre

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