Laura McKendry
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Laura McKendry

Artist-Illustrator: Natural World

Londres, Reino Unido

Laura McKendry

I’m an artist-illustrator based in London, UK.

Combining bold, expressive brushstrokes and decisively drawn lines, my paintings of nature feel spontaneous and joyful whilst avoiding the sentimentality often associated with wildlife. I'm interested in the way we romanticise the natural world, how we anthropomorphise or uphold elements as desirable whilst disregarding others as a nuisance.

As a teacher, and an artist, I focus on the mistakes. They are fundamental to making creative discoveries and in trying to avoid them we risk stifling ourselves. My courses invite students to draw and paint in unusual and experimental ways, to let go of being in complete control and become open to the unexpected.

I draw mostly in watercolour, ink and coloured pencil, but also experiment with found materials and tools (bubble wrap, emulsion paint, sticks, teabags, squashed blackberries, paintbrush handles…). I often stand to draw and paint on the floor which injects an energy and playfulness to my drawings - the process for me is very physical, almost like a dance.

My work can been found on books, homeware, fabric and fine art prints, and includes clients such as Waterstones, John Lewis, Laura Ashley, Whistlefish, Woodmansterne and Profile Books.

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  • Naturaleza ilustrada: una exploración creativa

    Ilustra el universo natural con un enfoque experimental utilizando tinta y acuarela

    Un curso de Laura McKendry, Ilustradora y artista

    78% Dto. $39.99USD
  • Sketching creativo en acuarela para principiantes

    Pinta emocionantes ilustraciones en acuarela explorando técnicas originales y poco convencionales en tu cuaderno de bocetos

    Un curso de Laura McKendry, Artista e ilustradora

    78% Dto. $39.99USD
  • Ilustración de animales con carboncillo y tinta

    Aprende a estampar, dibujar y pintar ilustraciones cautivadoras y llenas de expresión aprovechando la sencillez de la tinta y el carboncillo

    Un curso de Laura McKendry, Artista e ilustradora

    78% Dto. $39.99USD


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