Isabel Moreno Cabrera

Isabel Moreno Cabrera

3D, VFX & graphic design

Jaén, España

Isabel Moreno Cabrera

Hi! I am Isabel Moreno, a Spanish digital artist based in Madrid.

I am a multifaceted artist, specialist in branding, motion graphics, animation & Illustration, and more than 7 years of experience.

With a background in Advertising and Graphic design, I graduated in Animation & Visualisation MSc by the University of Dundee. I am focused in workflows between 3D and compositing VFX, refining lighting and rendering techniques in photorealistic and stylised projects.

I use a variety of tools as I'm always eager to learn new methods that will save time, but Maya, mental ray, Photoshop and Nuke are the foundations of my work. For 2D projects I love Illustrator, Photoshop e InDesign.

Embedding the storytelling through colours, composition & attention to detail is my mission, making every project unique, where all the elements work cohesively as a systematic set to make the brand unforgettable. My goal is to never stop creating and inspiring others.


Ficha profesional


  • UMA Universidad de Málaga

    Málaga, España

    2012 - 2013