Dennis Lyon

Dennis Lyon

Sr Lighting

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dennis Lyon

Hello, my name is Dennis and I am a Lighting & Compositing Artist for Reel FX in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Prior to Reel FX, I was as a Lighting Artist at MPC for the films Xmen, Maleficent 2 also I participated in Ollin VFX Studio in Mexico City
for "Asura" and “Godzilla” with the same area.

In Peru, I was as a Senior Lighting & Compositing "Condorito", distributed by 20th Century Fox.
Also, I took part in the planning and production of the film "Rodencia" in different areas, pipeline creation and the optimization of the render as a Lighting & Compositing. I have also assisted 20th Century Fox with their marketing and distribution of the film, "The Dolphin” as a CG Artist.

Later, I played a pivotal role in the Lighting production of the Argentinian video game,

Also, I am proficient in using ‘LookDev’ and have successfully modified digital images with it for various advertisers in Peru and Argentina.
Please have a look through my web portfolio and feel free to contact me for any business inquiries.

I would like to mention that I have been in the industry for 11 years with my first project in 2007 for the "Pandilla Haba" series on America TV as a Modeling Leader and Modeling the principal character for the Movie "Lars y el Misterio del portal" .


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