Dennis Lyon

Dennis Lyon

Sr Lighting

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dennis Lyon

I am currently in Mexico developing the lighting for the live action of "Asura"in and a second movie to start. I have participated in four animated films of long duration.
working on the development of lighting and composition, I mention that I have been a leader in 3 sequences of the movie "Condorito" distributed by 20th Century Fox. Paticipe in the pre-production and production of the film "Rodencia" working in the lighting and composition also in the creation of a pipeline and the optimization of the render. I worked in conjunction with 20th Century Fox for the marketing of "The Dolphin" movie in all of Latin America. I emphasize that I participated in the lighting of the video game "hellbound" in Argentina. Also working in look dev and illuminates a lot of commercials.


Ficha profesional


  • MOTT - Escuela Creativa Digital

    Miraflores, Perú

    2014 - 2016