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Ilaria Ranauro


Berlín, Alemania

Ilaria Ranauro

Kawaii illustrator, children's book published illustrator and Etsy shop owner.
I make stickers and cute stationery. I come from Italy, currently based in Berlin.
I’ve always been really passionate about drawing and colouring. I remember that I used to spend my afternoons
re-drawing the characters that I loved the most from magazines and mangas.

I studied and worked as graphic designer. In 2017 I wasn't happy with my career anymore so I decided to quit my job to become an Illustrator. I started a long journey to find my style, learning from other artists and practicing illustration every single day. I needed to learn how to draw from scratch and also to understand the media that I wanted to use for drawing.

I spent months trying many different media in order to learn which technique I liked the most. Was when I bought my first iPad and an apple pencil to start drawing with Adobe Draw and Procreate that I realised that digital art was the one that better fit my style and my needs.

After a while I opened an Etsy shop and started to sell my art in the form of stickers, Washi tapes, prints and other accessories, but I also self published one ABC book for children and some colouring books also in order to be able to build a portfolio to show to some publishers.

In 2020 I was hired from Penguin Random House Mexico to illustrate 3 children’s books. The first one came out in Mexico in 2021.

You can follow me on Instagram @ilariapops to see my work and know more about me. If you want to support my work you can subscribe to my Patreon page:

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