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Wei ✦ Honey Thistle

Toronto, Canadá

Wei ✦ Honey Thistle

Hi! I'm an artist from Toronto, Canada and I create miniatures for most of my waking hours :)

While I've always dabbled with creating tiny crafts as a child, I officially started making miniatures a few years ago, largely inspired by all the beautiful stop-motion animation movies and tv shows from various studios around the world. It is my goal to be able to create an ambiance and tell a story through my miniatures.

Since then, I have had the fortune to work with clients such as Madewell, Hunker Home, and Walmart in realizing their visions in miniature. You can also find me blabbering on about miniatures in publications such as CBC Arts and Chatelaine Magazine.

Thanks so much for checking out my profile, and please feel free to check out my projects below. I hope they'll bring you joy and perhaps encourage you to dip a toe into the world of miniature if you're not fully immersed already ;)

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