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Molla Mills

Helsinki, Finlandia

Molla Mills

Moi! My name is Molla, I'm a Finnish crochet pattern designer and an author. For the last ten years, I have been writing book series called Virkkuri, which means a crocheter in Finnish. My work is all about the joy of handmaking, I write books to inspire people to make more crafts. Crafting has so many health benefits and I want to share everything I know about it with you.

My books have been translated into ten languages and I spend several months each year traveling and teaching. You can find me on the road from Japan to Guatemala carrying the yarns and teaching how to make beautiful everyday products out of them, but I also travel to find inspiration for my new books. At the moment I'm writing my 6th crochet book.

When I grew up in the Finnish countryside, my family made everything possible by hand. I got to know about building furniture, gardening, sewing, weaving, knitting, and even electrical repairing. Ever since I have been following this lifestyle, I love building and fixing things by myself. Once I designed and opened a concept store in Hämeenlinna, that was selling treasures I have found (and fixed) from a local recycling center. I think we should definitely recycle more, and to encourage this, I'm planning to write a book about how to use recycled textiles in crochet.

My road to becoming an author has been adventurous. I studied fashion and textile design in vocational school, carpentry, graphic design, photography, and visual marketing in a polytechnic, and I also have a master's degree in art and design. All the knowledge I learned during these years, I now fill my books with.

The most rewarding thing in my work is sharing and teaching the craft.

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