Germán Cardoso

Germán Cardoso

Diseñador gráfico e ilustrador

Barcelona, España

Germán Cardoso

Born in Montevideo, Uruguay in the 70's, my interest for illustration and cinema (especially animation) began early. I spent time drawing and creating worlds inspired above all by comics and disco covers. Later, when I dedicated myself professionally to graphic design, the search continued, and it was at the beginning of the 2000’s, when I settled in Spain, that parallel to my work as a designer, I began to explore digital collage and animated collage.

Currently I prepare my collages and videos inspired by the library of memory and contemporary urban art, travel is an inexhaustible source of inspiration, I use my own photos and textures and also old images free of restrictions as raw material.
I collaborate with musicians on visuals and illustrations. My work is posted on my website and instagram.


Ficha profesional

Se unió en septiembre de 2017