Petra Zehner
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Petra Zehner

collage artist and illustrator

París, Francia

Petra Zehner

I am an East West German artist and illustrator based in Paris, France.

After studying literature and linguistics in Berlin, and graphic design in London, and after many years of a rather nomadic life – jumping back and forth between the UK, Germany, France, Singapore and Malaysia – I now work and live in Paris.

My first love was (and always will be) words, with art coming in a close second, chronologically speaking, as I discovered it only thanks to being able to read about it.

After leaving Germany, I started to experiment with writing, photography, illustration and graphic design until I discovered collage as the medium that combines it all and works for me.

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  • Collage artístico con técnicas mixtas

    Combina técnicas artísticas tradicionales e ilustración digital para crear collages únicos que sean vintage a la par que contemporáneos

    Un curso de Petra Zehner, Ilustradora y artista del collage

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