Ester Rafael

Ester Rafael

Graphic Designer and Junior UXUI

Barcelona, España

Ester Rafael

Hi! I am Ester and I am a Multidisciplinary Designer. I hold a bachelor's degree in design from the Universitat de Barcelona, in Spain, which I obtained in 2018.
Due my interests in typography, aesthetics and layouts, I chose to focus in graphic design and visual communication fields. I have experience in editorial, illustration and social media projects.

Even though I have been focused in print design, I am very interested in digital design as well. For this reason I am self-learning new design skills. Currently I am increasing my knowledge of UX/UI Design through online courses and carrying out own projects.

I am an easy-going person who really enjoys collaborating with other people in group projects where everybody can exchange opinions and points of view about an idea, but I also feel comfortable designing my own projects and learning on an individual basis.
I am a very hard-working person and I put a lot of time and effort into my projects. I am a motivated and ambitious person, who thrives on challenging them self.


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