Elsa Tierney
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Elsa Tierney

Jewellery Designer Maker - Specialising in Wax Carving

Londres, Reino Unido

Elsa Tierney

Based in London and have been working as a jewellery designer maker and freelance tutor specialising in wax carving for lost wax casting for over 10 years. My work is inspired by my fine art background and my love for the work of artists of the 1930's Paris such as Brancusi, Man Ray and Picasso and Art Deco style and abstract bronze sculptures by Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth to name a few. My love for African arts and with ancient treasures as found in the V&A and the British museums also influence my jewellery style. My jewellery is sculptural and I like to think of each piece as small sculptures to be worn and exhibited on the body.

I also apply my wax carving skills to my fine art practice as it allows me to carve small sculptures in wax to be cast into bronze or any metal of my choice. The casting process of turning wax in to metal is very similar for both jewellery and sculpture and there are many different types of wax and ways of working with it which I am currently researching for a book due to be launched in spring 2023. The book focuses on the subject of wax and documents how myself and 3 other makers use different waxes to make our art. It shows how wax is used cross disciplinary and offers technical instructions from each artist and encourages experimentation with the alchemy section. If interested to learn more contact me via email and join my mailing list for updates.

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