Mia Winston-Hart
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Mia Winston-Hart

England, Reino Unido

Mia Winston-Hart

I am Mia Winston-Hart, the creator and owner of a small accessories shop in Hampshire, England. I graduated from University of the Arts London where I specialised in stitched textiles. I have a passion for high quality, unique and bright accessories.

One of the most valuable skills I have learnt, which I taught myself, is how to use resin to create bespoke and beautiful jewellery. I spend most of my days creating brilliant resin jewellery, most of which are complete one offs or part of a short limited run.

Growing up in the country side of Leicestershire and now having moved to Hampshire which is very close to both the ocean and the new forest, I feel heavily inspire by floral and fauna. I feel that this is evident in my jewellery collections as well as my designing process.

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