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Dan Forster

Leeds, Reino Unido

Dan Forster

Hi, my name's Dan Forster, I’m a lettering artist and designer. I was lucky to grow up with a Dad who was a designer, lettering artist and calligrapher. So from an early age I was exposed to a ton of art and design. I spent a lot of time in his studio watching him work, rummaging through his books, or tracing my comics – so it was almost inevitable I’d end up in a creative career.

I tried my hand a calligraphy and lettering at an early age, but found it so hard that I gave up almost immediately. So initially I worked in design and branding but developed a deep love for type and typography. It wasn’t until after my Dad passed away in 2008 that I discovered the true depth and breadth of his lettering work. I was so blown away by what I found in his studio that it inspired me to pick up a pen and start drawing letters again. This time I stuck at it, slowly got better and eventually switched careers to become a full-time lettering artist.

These days I’ve been lucky to work with clients from around the world on all kinds of lettering-based projects, from brand-marks, to book covers, to packing projects and everything in between. Letters are now my world and I love to experiment with new ways to create letter shapes, explore three-dimensional forms and I’m particularly obsessed with curves and flourishing.

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