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Clarafosca ·


Barcelona, España

Clarafosca ·

I am a versatile artist from Barcelona, open to curiosity and always traveling and living around the world. My fine art background led me into the graffiti world in 2004 to nowadays. Although my professional career has taken me to different fields of the visual arts, from the fashion industry, to tattooing.

I’m a creative mind that draws inspiration from human temperament and the interactions among people, shapes, colours and nature.

But above all, my passion for art has helped me learn over the years from my own experience. So now being multi-potential I can provide a variety of artistic techniques and abilities. My favorites are watercolor, spray, traditional graphite, acrylic, and digital art.

—(However, nowadays I’m steeped in my passions. Consequently developing my own style, along with new creative skills and the combination of illustration and street art.)—

Even so, I am currently in a line of exploring the field of portraiture and the human body. So the inspiration comes from my own live and experiences. I am focused on painting aesthetic female forms, complemented with vivid colors from graffiti and the transcendent fusion of natural shapes.

It can be said that there is a certain admiration for the precious, sometimes mixed with the surreal and compositions with movement.



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Se unió en diciembre de 2009