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Claire Garland

Penzance, Reino Unido

Claire Garland

My Name is Claire Garland and I’m a full-time knitted animal designer and craft book author.
I’m from the UK and I live in a cosy cottage at the very far South West of England in Cornwall on the coast.

As a young adult I studied General Design: photography, graphics, illustration and textiles, at art college in Cardiff, Wales, although knitting-wise I am self-taught and since that I’ve been knitting for over 20 years!

My first hatched-up design was for a simple doll with spaghetti legs whom I called Dot Pebbles.
That name became my business name and the doll developed into a range of five characterful dolls and their outfits whom I called ‘Knitted Babes’. This group of fashionista dolls became a published book and that book took me to New York fifteen years ago for a book signing tour!
The knitting-for-a-living template was born!

I naturally continue to knit, and have also crocheted, although I’ve moved away from dolls and turned my attention to a much wider spectrum – the Animal Kingdom.

I have since developed patterns from an array of inspiration from the world of animals and via my @dotpebbles_knit Instagram account I have created a large collective feed of knitted animals which I share with a community of crafty, like-minded animal lovers via hashtags #imadethisrabbit #imadethiskitten #imadethiscat #imadethisfrog #imadethispuppy and #dotpebblescreatureland #dotpebblesknits and #dotpebbles

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