Carne Griffiths
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Carne Griffiths

Londres, Reino Unido

Carne Griffiths

I am a fine artist and illustrator who loves to experiment with traditional media. I also wrote the book the organic painter which is all about having fun and being creative with natural and unusual materials. I have a real passion for drawing and believe is it is the fundamental behind all artwork as it is a direct translation of the world around us whether it be in a figurative or an abstracted sense. I studied illustration at UIniversity and went on to design gold wire embroidery for a range of clients from Chanel to the Sultan of Oman and King of Tonga, my work can be found in films such as valkyrie and the last king of scotland and my designs also translate to the catwalk, creating pieces for Alexander McQueen, Chanel, Asprey and Burberry.

In 2010 I left the world of embroidery to follow my real passion for drawing but I brought along 12 years of experience and influence from the world of embroidery - hence my style is a fusion of the decorative and stylised with the freedom of painting and drawing that I enjoy so much.

I now divide my time between creating work for exhibition, comissioned illustration pieces for clients such as Microsoft, Peroni, Adidas and teaching workshops about how to expand your creative process through experimenting with new materials.

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