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Inga Buividavice

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Inga Buividavice

I am a watercolour artist and author of Painting Calm, based in Liverpool, UK. Originally from Lithuania, I have graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts where I did a BA and MA degree studies in Graphic design. Throughout my studies, I've spent one semester in Paris École Estienne, where I dipped into many new disciplines like illustration, graphic art, bookbinding and eventually I rediscovered the enjoyment of hand drawing and painting. Although art has always been a big part of my life, I didn't pick up a brush until 2018 when I was on maternity leave. In the beginning, I did a 100-day project, where I painted one watercolour sketch a day in my sketchbooks for 100 days and I documented this journey on my Instagram page. During this time, I learned so much about colour, painting, and myself, my relation to this medium, and the process. I started noticing things I like, and analysing why I like them, what feelings they bring to me, and then I tried to repeat the feeling through art. I started spending more time on paintings and doing larger pieces of works. I draw inspiration from many things, but I am mostly drawn to nature and natural objects, I like to explore motion as well as experimenting with geometry and different shapes.

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  • Acuarela floral: conecta con la naturaleza

    Explora los pigmentos y las texturas para crear composiciones botánicas que representen la belleza del mundo natural

    Un curso de Inga Buividavice, Diseñadora gráfica y acuarelista

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