Adrian Mueller
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Adrian Mueller

Nueva York, Estados Unidos

Adrian Mueller

I’m a Swiss photographer & tabletop director based in New York, where I have been working for the last 20 years. Growing up in Switzerland, I was surrounded by beautiful landscapes, delicious food, and a culture of simplicity in design; all elements that are reflected in my visual sensibilities. Spending time in Japan further influenced my creative approach. Developing true craftsmanship has become a guiding theme in my career and my teaching philosophies. I very much enjoy connecting with all of you through my work and by sharing my expertise, experience and skills to make you a better photographer. Connecting with my students to provide valuable information and knowledge is a joy and I hope you will decide to join me in my courses, so we get the chance to produce memorable work together!

I’ve had the privilege of holding online and in-person photography workshops as well as visual arts Masterclasses in the US, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Switzerland and Japan since 2014.

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  • Introducción a la fotografía gastronómica con luz natural

    Aprende a capturar imágenes atractivas de alimentos con luz directa e indirecta, explorando las técnicas de composición, iluminación y edición

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