Titus Lunter
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Titus Lunter

Concept artist & Illustrator

Geertruidenberg, Netherlands

Titus Lunter

I am a concept artist and illustrator with 12+ years experience in the entertainment and TTRGP industry. But what I really love doing is solving problems, specifically those about worldbuilding and architecture. As such I've worked for big studios, from AAA gaming to Bollywood film and a bunch of stuff in between, such as one of my all time favorites: Dungeons & Dragons!
It's a long way of saying I come up with, and paint, buildings for all sorts of projects. Besides that I love teaching art, playing video games, relaxing in my nook when it rains, walking my dog when it's dry and tasting the many different chocolates this world has to offer.


  • Concept Art Design and Worldbuilding

    Discover how to think like a concept artist in this course. Learn to design buildings for various clients.

    A course by Titus Lunter, Concept Artist and Illustrator

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